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Smart Memory Bra


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Do you have a problem finding the perfect bra? The bra that will fit your body shape, make seductive cleavage and will be comfortable to wear? Discover the perfect bra for everybody! Smart Memory Bra has revolutionary high-tech memory foam cups that mould perfectly to the woman's curves, thus fitting her individual, unique body shape. It makes cleavage fabulously seductive! It moves with the woman's body and feels natural, like second skin! Women who discovered Smart Memory Bra never went back! Discover Smart Memory bra! Feel and See the Difference! Cups of Smart Memory Bra are made from special high- tech memory foam, which reacts to body temperature and moulds perfectly to the woman’s curves, thus fitting her individual, unique body shape. It moves with the woman’s body and feels natural, like second skin. When cold, the material stiffens, but upon touching your skin, it turns soft and comfortably pleasant again.

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10 A, 10 B, 10 C, 10 D, 12 A, 12 B, 12 C, 12 D, 14 A, 14 B, 14 C, 14 D, 16 A, 16 B, 16 C, 16 D, 18 A, 18 B, 18 C, 18 D


Black, Nude, Red

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