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September 19, 2018
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November 27, 2018
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Sexplosion Bath Bombs with Sex Position Cards 2 Pack


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Sexplosion! Bath Bombs 2 Pack

  • Relax in sensual bliss with scented bath bombs
  • Pop them in jacuzzis or hot tubs to add a special flair to soaks
  • Each bomb comes with three waterproof cards full of sexy suggestions
  • Cherry blossom scent adds an energetic blast to flirty moments
  • Lavender is ideal for relaxing with your partner

Sexplosion Bath Bombs with Sex Position Cards. Each SEXplosion! Bath Bomb dissolves to release 3 sexually suggestive, waterproof cards and are hot tub safe! 2 pcs. Includes: 1 Cherry Blossom Bath Bombs, 1 Sensual Lavender Bath Bombs. Each bomb contains 3 sexually suggestive cards.

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