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Host your own sexy adult toy party in Australia!!

If you are planning to have hens night or bride to be party and looking for a perfect way to spice up your next party or hens night, Horny Little Devils is here for you. With our adult party plan business you can book fun and naughty novelty adult parties.

Host a Lingerie or Toy Party

Host a Lingerie or Toy Party

With Horny Little Devils it is very simple and free to host sexy toy parties in Australia. If you book an adult toy or lingerie party today you can receive some great hostess rewards. These sex toy parties are popular across Australia and are great for hen's night parties or any other occasion.

You just need to call us or use our contact form online and we will arrange for a fun and professional consultant to help you have a fantastic time!

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Have a Horny Hens Night Party!

Hens Night Party

We are one of the leading sex toy party planner businesses in Australia. We offer the biggest range of hen's night and bride to be party needs. We provide a variety of “Horny Hens Night” party packs or if you want to be creative, you can make your own party packs.

Horny Little Devils party services are sure to make for a fun and naughty night, full of cheeky giggles.

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Become an Adult Party Plan Consultant

Have you ever dreamt of making money with an adult party plan business? We offeryou the opportunity to make your dream true and start your own profitable business running lingerie and adult toy parties for others.

If you want to become a sex toy party planner, why not start by calling us today?

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About Us

Host a Lingerie or Toy Party

Horny Little Devils Parties is dedicated to keeping Australians stimulated and helping you add that extra bit of fun and satisfaction to your love life.

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Host a Lingerie or Toy Party

At Horny Little Devils, we make it easy for you!! With our online shop you can easily buy your favourite sex toy from the comfort of your home and we also offer discrete delivery across Australia.

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Host a Lingerie or Toy Party

If you want to know more about us you can easily download our catalogue online and find all the information you need to know before booking one of our sex toy party planners.

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